Jan 282014

Hello everyone,

I found out that I won another Saturn FPGA board from numato… sweet. 🙂

So now I decided to see what I can do with these… and checked for free fpga resources on the Internet. I decided to share my results to make it easier for others to find these as well. If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them in the comments and I will expand the list.

Asic world: This site is great to understand the basics of both Verilog and VHDL, the two most commonly used languages for fpga design. Includes a “Verilog in one day” crash course.

fpga4fun: This site has some interesting tutorials and projects for the enthusiast ranging from basic to advanced.

numato.com: Numato, the maker of the Saturn and other fpga boards, has a small tutorial explaining how to get started using Xilink ISE for Simulation and Implementation of your fpga designs.

Free Range Factory: They have free e-books and many other resources for fpga designs. Books are available in PDF and TXT format so they should be compatible with many e-book readers like the Kindle. You can also order paperbacks in their online store. Besides the books, they have a massive library of IP cores that you can use to build your own designs.

I’ll create a separate page to collect more resources in the next few days. I’m also still working on a review for the Saturn board but as usual work and personal life keep me more occupied than I’d like…

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