Dec 312013

When I got my new PIC32MX board from Numato, I didn’t have any information about the boot loader they were using. So when I wanted to test some code on the board I simply connected my PICKIT3 clone and reprogrammed the whole thing.

Unfortunately I found that the latest version of MPLAB-X doesn’t seem to work well with my cloned pickit3, although it is running the official firmware. This might actually be a general PicKit3 problem and nothing to do with the fact that mine wasn’t produced by Microchip and sold for 3x the price.

I then thought it would be nice to have the boot loader back, but Numato didn’t publish any .hex file or source code. When I downloaded the Microchip Libraries though I only found boot loaders for PIC24 but finally spotted a text file pointing me to AN1388. One download later and I had the necessary sources to craft a new boot loader for the board.

I only made a few small modifications, adjusting the boot loader switch to use RD7 and removing the code for the LEDs because the Numato board doesn’t have any beside the power LED.

The source code, compiled binary, and Windows Application can be found on github at

The original Microchip application note download for AN1388 has been included along with their License Agreement. I think I’ll keep my eyes open for an open source boot loader as I find these Microchip licenses very restricting. I’m not even sure if I have the right to publish these modifications or if I should only have posted a .hex file along with a diff to be applied to the original download. I’d welcome any comments on this.

OK it’s 40 minutes to midnight so it’s time to shut down the computer and get (more) drunk 🙂

Happy new year!

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