Apr 272017

First off my apologies to anyone who tried to access this site recently who received an SSL error. I’m normally using Firefox ESR (extended support release) which did not show any issues.

I bought a new PC last week and installed the latest Ubuntu release 17.04. When I wanted to look up my previous post about setting up gr-lora I noticed Firefox would refuse to load the site at all.

It turns out the StartSSL.com service I’ve used for years has been blacklisted by both Firefox and Chrome / Google and their certificates are no longer trusted.

I have now switched to the “Let’s Encrypt” service and for now I have a certificate that is valid for 3 months. The app they offer for Ubuntu however did not work with my configuration file so I had to use some manual tricks to get this site back up as quickly as possible. It looks like I’ll have to do more research in the next 3 months to ensure the certificates keep getting updated.

As I’m not using any adverts on this site I obviously don’t want to pay for a professional certificate.

If anyone has any suggestions for an easy to use, free SSL certificate service please feel free to leave a comment.

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